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Death is not a subject we like to think about too much. We all hope to live long, happy and healthy lives. But what would happen if your loved one would have passed on yesterday?

Reality dictates that death is something that will catch up with all of us, in time. Death occurs when we least expect it. The last thing anyone should have to worry about after losing a loved one is how to cover the cost of a funeral. Let us face the facts: "Since the day of your birth, your death began to walk towards you slowly... "


First Product Range

Creatively desinged for your specific needs.

At B3 we are proud to introduce products of time, that will ease your load when death strikes in your family. The: Premier Plan, Plan K-Plus, Presidential Plan and Senior Citizen Plan are the products that can help ease the load. Find out more about the cover plans and contact us for further inquiries. Our able staff will help to arrange everything on your behalf, while you relax.


The Innovative Executive Plan Range

Created to serve you beyond ubuntu.

B3 now provides the futuristic Executive Plan Range of products with cover benefit of up to E50,000.00 (E174,000.00 for the whole family) for our clients to select from what suit their needs. This is crowned by optional family monthly Income Benefit of up to E5,000.00 per month, for 6 months on the death of the principal member. We, furthermore, provide optional accident benefit for double payment of up to E100,000.00 on death of principal member as a result of an accident with free premium waiver benefit to those covered in the plan. ...read more...

...For Service Beyond Ubuntu...